Thursday 4 June 2009

The EU Health Prize for Journalists an exceptionally bad idea.

Commissioner for Health, Androulla Vassiliou has in February as part of the "Europe for patients" campaign announced a prize for journalists. To win certain criteria should to be meet: “The jury will judge the articles in relation to the objectives of promoting Europe for Patients campaign. Therefore, preference will be given to those articles that particularly raise awareness of the issues of Europe for patients' campaign.”. So now journalists can write articles that supports the commissions ambitions and submit them in the hope of winning 5000 euros. That is not the way to foster a good critical and investigating press – its just a way for the commission to pay for PR. What European healthcare needs are more investigating and analytical healthcare journalism. Journalism that dare question if governments and providers are delivering according to claims. Journalists that patient can trust because they know that they write objective. Not journalist that help the EU institutions campaigning.


  1. Just shows a fundamental lack of understanding of media. Which does not come as a surprise to anyone working in Brussels media

  2. Haha, I should apply for the 5000 with my EV text, might have a chance!

  3. Only a few days left but do remember that the articles should be "at least 3,800 characters in length (including spaces)" and will be judge for example by its "ability to hold the reader’s interest" in combination with "articles on multiple issues are particularly welcome" ...