Monday 31 August 2009

The EP to decide what medicines that should be sold?

I might have misunderstood something – at least I hope I have. I thought EMEA approved what medicines that should be allowed to be sold in the EU. Nope its not that simple.

As from the 10th of July all Commission decisions on this issue, comming after the Member States vote, are to be submitted to the European Parliament for scrutiny. So the agreement is that the EP will get the draft decisions from the Commission on for example if a product should be allowed for sale or not and then the EP will have one month to object to this decision.

This is very strange for me – I’m used to a constitution where the political are strictly banned from having any input on individual cases. The political leadership are to be just leadership and then civil servants are ensuring the directions given via budgets and laws are implemented. This ensures a transparent system with predictability in the individual cases. And nepotism etc is avoided.

Is really the European commission performance so bad that the individual cases needs scrutiny by the European Parliament?

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