Thursday 7 October 2010

Gastein 3 - is really all diseases the most deadly one

European Commissions Head of Unit Health Determinants at DG Sanco Michael Hübel just made a statement I longed for long at the forum session called Chronic Respiratory Disease: A Neglected Epidemic. By now we already had several hours of statements from various KOLs of what COPD is and the need for increased awareness of the importance of COPD among policy makers and others. Hubel took a slightly different approach by stating that he actually think that there is a quite high awareness about respiratory disease and that this fight already is won. He underlined that every day he and his colleagues all disease groups claims that they are the most important (cancer, CVD, diabetes, COPD etc) and then asked the groups to not play each other offs like this not the least due to the co-morbidity issues. He also pointed out that if all claims would be true and added up it would show that we all quite soon will be dead.

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