Saturday, 8 August 2009

Not all is swine flu

It’s one thing that the policy level becomes affected by the media hysteria around the swine flu and invest enormous amount of time and money on planning, buying vaccines and administrating this vaccine. The EU helps by finally finding a role in healthcare and ECDC are driving the development with intense monitoring etc.

Now it seems like the professionals are also affected as there has been 2 cases, one with a deadly turn, of seriously ill patients that been given Swine Flu treatments and told to stay at home when they had meningitis. The scare has gone way too far. Could we instead get some of the focus on the real killers of Europe - we do quite well on cardiovascular care and cancer - but what about diabetes, tuberculosis and HIV?

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  1. Oh, I completely agree! I was flying back from Costa Rica to London via NY and I got a flu, probably from the air conditioning in the airports and planes. Everyone suspects me of swine flu, especially since Oscar Arias, the President of Costa Rica, has got it... this swine flu thing has become ridiculous!