Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Audit claims Public Health Programme 2003-2007 ineffective

Approximate 232 million Euros was spent on 352 projects for the Public Health Programme 2003-2007. Quite a lot of money if used properly. Unfortunately the Court of Audit have found that its not and that the Commission and the Members States ought to reconsider the EU´s funding approach in the field of public health for the period after 2013. The 2008-2013 Programme is already written.

This since the Audit found that the PHP: lacked strategic focus, that the results often where fragmented and that there was no systematic monitoring of actions already taken in the different priority areas leading to duplication of work.

The networking part of the programme seems to be the really big benefit, beside the recurrence of a European dimension. Rather hard words.

But its not so strange. Healthcare policy is the hometown of do-gooders and well meaning actions. Not all to the benefit of a sustainable healthcare system. Healthcare system and public health policy is to important and complex to not be managed more strategic and professional. Its nice to want to do lot of good things but nice ambitions doesn’t necessarily delivers good value. I hope the report give proper eco in European Institutions and that the work done in the future will be based in a more focused measurable strategy.

Next the report is being managed by the European Parliament. One of the rapporteurs is Swedish Member of the European Parliament Christofer Fjellner. Find the report here.

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