Friday, 20 November 2009

A bit easier to get EU funding for health projects

Found some good news for researchers, NGOs and others longing for EU funding for their projects. The EU Commission, the will publish a call for proposals in line with the Work Plan for the implementation of the EU Health Programme 2010, for projects, operating grants, conferences and joint actions already in 2009. The deadline for submitting proposals will be around March 2010. This might not seem important but my experience is that especially for those who want to find funding for projects this will make a big change as you must find money also somewhere else than from the EU Commission. This of course takes time and has its special limitations. I.e. other organisations also have budgets and financial steering instruments with deadlines etc for commitments of funds.

So far this have been quite complicated as the publication of tenders have been made in the spring with a deadline early summer the same year.Thus this formally small change in procedure is an important adaptation to other realities such as organisations being able to adopt their budgets before the new budget to the calls they might participate in the following year. Better financial planning will be possible and hopefully more organisations will be able to submit proposals for their projects.

More info on calls for proposals on the Executive Agency for Health and Consumers website.


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