Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Patients' perspectives of pharma - PatientView survey

Patients' perspectives of pharma is a global survey from Patient View. Its the 2nd edition and its interesting to notice some changes. Just to give you some examples:
On the question if pharma activites benefits patients the rate that answered yes have gone from 74% to only 62% - minus 19 procentage in what the companies claims to be their mission! On the other hand there is an increase of 19 procentage in the trust in that pharmaceutical companies pricing policies benefit patients.

With regards to the trust in the companies information about their information only 18% in Eastern Europe find it trustworthy – same figure 18% when it comes to the companies information about their own R&D. Western Europe is less suspicious about the product information 30% finds it trustworthy while when it comes to information about their R&D the figure goes down to 23 %.

The trust in the monitoring of product safety post approval is also going down but only with 6 procentage.

More to be found here.

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