Friday 8 May 2009

In Spain and Ireland you are not allowed to work if you have MS

Next week the European Multiple Sclerosis Platform will gather for 3 days in Brussels. One of the things to be discussed is the action to be taken based on the results from the MS Barometer.

The MS Barometer is a benchmarking tool built by data collected by the national MS Society in the various countries and shows that best country in Europe for MS patients are Germany followed by Denmark, Iceland and Sweden while Romania, Polen and Bulgaria are in the bottom. A ranking not very surprising - most of the rankings done by the Health Consumer Powerhouse for example have similar results.

What is surprising is to learn that in Spain and Ireland its not legally possible to remain at work if you have MS! I have a hard time understanding why?

If you want to learn more the conference will be live webstreamed and more info can be found on

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