Wednesday 13 May 2009

On the positive side in Prague

Jana Petrenko from the Coalition for Health in the Czech Republic: “we have to convince patients to be involved – they have to financially contribute to their wellbeing.” Now things like this you might have heard before but how often from a patient association representative?

Christian Decoster, General Director at the Ministry of Health in Belgium: ”It is very important not to have waiting times. We don’t and I think it´s because we have financial and geographical access.” I hope that the representatives from Ireland, UK and Sweden listened to this!

And then some quotes indicating a shift in perception of for whom healthcare is organized:

Olivia Wigzell Deputy Director General at the Swedish Ministry of Health explained that “Healthcare have to be provided according to citizens expectations. We have to have the bottom-up perspective described by Johan Hjertqvist from the Health Consumer Powerhouse.”

James Breslin, Assistant Secretary the Ministry of Health in Ireland stated that “The Healthcare system is something of a maze. Using the motivation of patients will be the key for the future”

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