Tuesday 10 November 2009

Changes in rutines due to Swine Flu mistakes that will benefit all

It has turned out that 4 out of 6 in Sweden that died from Swine Flu actually visited a clinic or hosital in order to get care at an earlier stage but where sent home again. One region (Skåne) has learned from the mistake and has changed their routines and as from now no-one shall be sent home without having seen a doctor…

Still if the care centres and emergencies would use very simple routines albeit with modern medical technology could help them as pointed out yesterday in Aftonbladet. At Södersjukhuset one of the Stockholm hospitals they use a triage sorting method. There are a several ( see more here) but at this hospital they check pulse, blood pressure, oxygen level in the blood, fever and the patients breathing capability. For measuring the oxygen level in the blood they use a devise that is very simple to use and cost them only 800 Euros to buy.

Let’s hope that those clinics where you don’t get to see a doctor at least ensure they sort patients a bit more careful in the future and make use of the devices available.

Another good thing is the boost the Swine flu discussions have for general hygiene standards. Hand washing seems too been given a real and needed boost. Long term I think this will saving more life’s than the vaccines in many disease areas!

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