Tuesday 10 November 2009

Pharmacy monopoly in Sweden now sold out

The part of the Swedish Pharmacy monopoly that was devided into clusters to enable the privatisation is now sold at a final price of SEK 5.9 billion.

Apoteket Hjärtat, owned by Altor, acquires 208 pharmacies, with a turnover of SEK 7.1 billion and 1500 employees.

Kronans Droghandel, owned by Oriola-KD and KF, acquires 171 pharmacies, with a turnover of SEK 4.4 billion and 930 employees.

Medstop Holding AB, onwed by Segulah, aquires 62 pharmacies, with a turnover of SEK 3.1 billion and 660 employees.

Its a pity non of the international playeers have entered the market - I hope the reason is that they will establish new pharmacies instead of taking over old stores with old staff.

More information can be found here.

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