Tuesday, 19 May 2009

Patients healthcare guide - do you use one?

I wish I had written this excellent guide aiming at enable patients to be active partners from the GP visit, over the hospital stay, to the following up phase. It contains the basic info one needs, it helps you put down the things you need to be able to remember, offers checklists to ensure you ask the right questions as well function as a diary where you can keep track of your treatment.

And even though its Danish from The Danish Society for Patient Safety – its in English. If its 131 pages are not enough and you want more detailed info you can try to search for Dr Ian Banks various manuals, for example the Man Manual, in the UK – to be found on Amazon. Even if some of them by now are a bit old.

The guides 10 top safety tips
1. Speak up if you have questions or concerns
2. Let us know about your habits
3. Take notes during your stay
4. More ears listen better
5. You can let somebody else handle your consultation
6. Check your personal data
7. Ask about your operation
8. Tell us if it hurts
9. Before discharge remember to ask about how the treatment is to continue
10. Know the medication you are taking

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