Monday 6 July 2009

Healthcare policy lobby seriously suspicious?

Talked shortly to Andrzej Rys Director for Public Health at DG SANCO EU Commission just outside the plane before boarding in Bryssels for Copenhagen today. Wanted to pin him down for a meeting on Health Technology Assessment. That I shouldn't have done. It rendered me and my kids 20 min police investigations since the SAS staff thought this was suspicious! I knew lobbyism in general and health care focused especially was seen with suspicious eyes but I never thought it would mean I would be hold at the Danish boarder, questioned without explanation and then have to wait for 15 min until the cops checked my potential police record?

The police also tried to stop Andrzej but only managed to hold someone looking like him. They where a bit disappointed about this – that they saw this as a failure was obvious. They did look a bit more happy though when I explained that that's maybe just as well given that Andrzej is a high level EU commission official on his way to to meet with all the European Health Ministers. Lets hope he had a better day and managed to convince the Council members about the good of the Directive for Patients Rights at Cross Border Care.


  1. I think you may be a stalker

  2. It was Scandianavian Airlines. Ryanair sadly do not fly to nor Stockholm or Copenhagen anymore.

    I might be a stalker, would probably be quite good at it since Im obsessive enough but I think they thought it was an issue of smuggling children. They gave the kids a lot of free-bies...