Wednesday 8 July 2009

It´s Göran Hägglund vs. Trinidad Jiménez

Swedish Minister of Health Göran Hägglund stated with regards to the outcomes of the discussions on the Directive of Patients Rights at Cross Border Care: we went from if we are going to have this to how to do it. And the gloves seem to be off. Hägglund underlines to media that it’s a majority that decides. EU Commissioner Andrea Vassiliou even asked the Minister of Health from Spain Trinidad Jiménez at the meeting if Spain wanted to end up in the ECJ. Listen to her explaining their position here.

If I understand her right she demands pre-authorisation because it should be the doctor that should decide if there is a need or not... It seems Spain is not really in favour of patients choice. Interesting is that she will in January take over the negotiation of the directive. This will continue to be one of the most interesting healthcare issues to follow.

For background info on the issue.

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