Thursday, 15 October 2009

Today is the Global Hand Washing Day

It’s a bit sad that campaigns promoting hand washing properly is still needed. Well at least when those needing the info are educated healthcare professionals as with the Clean Your Hands campaign that I written about before. But I join in anyway this day since the London school of Tropical Hygiene have proven that information about hand washing does increase the frequency. And the goal of this year’s campaign for hand washing with soap is to train children. So if you want to join in on the effort some more info on the benefits of hand washing with soap from the site of The global Public-Private Partnership for Handwashing:

”UNICEF estimates that diarrhea kills one child every 30 seconds. Scientific research shows that hand washing with soap prevents disease in a more straightforward and cost-effective way than any single vaccine. Hand washing with soap thus represents a cornerstone of public health. It can be considered an affordable, accessible “do-it-yourself” vaccine.”

If you want to join in on the Global Handwashing Day this is the campaign site.


  1. Hi,
    we made two films about handwashing for injecting drug users, but the principles are the same for everyone. you can see them on the harm reduction works website > safer injecting > films > handwashing spot the difference and > how to wash your hands.

  2. It's a good initiative - we blogged it too ( Given the current fears over H1N1 probably more relevant than even they hoped for...