Monday, 12 October 2009

Use bad or good news to raise money for charity?

According to the the FT supplement How to Spend It the UK Prostate Cancer Charity have proven that bad news does not encourage donations to good causes. I am not sure it is that easy. The organization sent out letters to the 33000 supporters. 50 % of recipients got a letter explaining that due to the recession a decline in donation was expected thereby risking important research. The other 50 % got a letter explaining the achievements that had taken place due to their previous donations. Guess what: Those that got the positive news about what impact their money had gave in average 45 % more compared to those that had gotten the bad news mail. I think the others got an excuse not to continue giving. I’m not surprised that a letter stating that ”we know you are having a hard time but please give anyway” result in less money than one playing on the pride of donors ”you are so important and what you do matters”...

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